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Hi! I’m Aakriti,

a Teacher of Yoga, Healthy Living and general tomfoolery. I’m also your Best Buddy and Body Love Coach.

And obviously I’m telepathic! Nahhh … just kidding!

Though I HAVE been in your shoes. Read more about my story here and don’t forget to subscribe to my free Ebook!

I’ve been where you are now: tired, frustrated and at my wits end with all the diets and weight loss stories, tips, tricks, etc… etc… Beating my head on any and all walls I could find because I no longer knew what foods to eat and which ones were to be avoided like the plague!

Let’s face it…

Diets suck!

It’s frustrating to love food while wanting to be fit & fabulous. It’s exhausting to choose between a happy tummy and a flat tummy.Eating bland food like boiled chicken and veggies instead of oh … ANYTHING else is simply … heartbreaking. Let’s not forget the sheer willpower it takes to overcome cravings!


You keep forcing yourself to “eat well” so you can look good and fit into those skinny jeans. Yet for some reason, it never seems to work! You lose some weight, but it never sticks! You are frustrated with this constant diet rollercoaster that you’re on with no clue how to of get off!


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