6 Tips to Kick Chocolate Cravings Forever!

Hey there Beautiful ones,

(I know this post has taken forever to come out, my apologies, but lets not cry over spilt chocolate milk, because here we are!! All good things are worth the wait, no??)

If you caught my last post about chocolate cravings and took it to heart, you’ve got some real deal answers about why you crave chocolate to begin with. And really, a small bite of chocolate never killed anyone. Except dogs, they get legit poisoning from chocolate so say NO if a dog begs for chocolate. Issued in public interest of dogs everywhere! #notkidding

Other than that we’re all clear, you may have a piece here and there witout it breaking your diet and shooting your health regime in the foot.

So now you know you crave chocolate. You also may know WHY it calls your name in the middle of the night like a needy, clingy lover. Lets figure out the What, as in “What do I do about it?” part..

As I see it, there are a few reasons that will come up..

  1. I need a Boost/ I’m Exhausted!!– If you’ve been running yourself into the ground with work, planning, parties or just general stress, you may identify with reason #1.
    Let’s be honest, when you are burning the candle on both ends, you tend to sniff out little treats that will keep you going. And I respect that. However, when we go the other way and claim to need the chocolate to relax, I gotta butt in and say “Nuh-uh”. That little bite of heaven before you sleep is probably keeping you up at night. All the sugar and caffeine maybe disrupting sleep and actual rest – the exact things your body needs right now.
    Solution: When you feel tired or more likely EXHAUSTEDDDD take a few deep breaths, drink some water,  take a nice, hot bath and head straight to BED (extra points for hugs and cuddles <3)! When you wake up feeling rested and relaxed, you’ll see how great that tastes!
  2. I need to put something in my mouth!! – Hi Boredom! There are times when you eat and then there’s being bored. When you eat the best stuff and feel NOTHING? Can you relate? You don’t feel good, you feel kinda heavy, maybe a little confused and you didn’t even really feel hungry. You just want something to munch on. Like, literally anything will do.
    I call it the dead-inside-cravings. You’re not excited, you’re not hungry and you’re definitely not satisfied, but you still mechanically finish the whole bar/ box /carton in one sitting. YIKES! This one is so painfully common and it needs work, so much so that it has it’s own week in my food course.
    Solution: If this is your kinda craving, get your journal and get in touch here and for your first step to figuring it out.
  3. I need the Taste! – “Oh come on! what do you think? I love how chocolate tastes.. I don’t wanna stop eating it!” you might think..
    I know you love it’s smooth, silky texture. And the warm, rounded tones of cocoa. But is that what causes the endless choco-chomping? Research says our tongue (aka the ONLY part of the body that gets taste) is satiated in 3 bites of ANYTHING. So from that 4th bite onwards, what’s motivating you? You’re forcing on yourself taste that your tongue has had enough of!
    Solution: Try the 3 bite rule on your chocolate. Take 3 bites, savour the life out of each bite. Chew till your hearts content and eat MINDfully. Then wrap up the remains and put it away (out of sight to be precise) and continue the rest of your day. Also worth exploring, swap out your favourite bar with high quality dark chocolate (usually 70% cacao and up). It’s a whole other sensation. And many more antioxidants to keep you radiant and lovely!
  4. I need a Reward! – Oh honey, I hear you! You have been busting your ass at work (or working from home), with your family and kids, trying to keep your balance and your sanity in a world that’s constantly making you lose it. Talk about a Long Day. Unfortunately the norm these days is to be busy and tired. Well that sucks, but that’s a rant for another day. IF you treat yourself to chocolate as a reward for another day you survived or a job well done, have at it. Just keep the tips we discuss here in mind, so there’s no after-guilt. You don’t need that kind of stress.
    Solution: Like I ask my clients, I want you to make a list of non-food rewards that will make you feel good without sacrificing all the hard work you put into your body. Give yourself one of those every now and then instead and your chocolate cravings should be under control.
  5. I need the SUGAR! – If what you’re dealing with is a sugar fix, then I have news for you.
    Solution: Put down that chocolate this instant. Grab a piece of fruit instead. Take your time relishing it and taste every inch of that baby. Not only do you get a fresh burst of vitamins and minerals, you’re going to feel all pepped up thanks to the lively nutrition that fresh fruits provide. Go FRUIT!!
  6. I’ve been so Deprived! – Maybe you haven’t had any chocolate in the longest time  because of the diet you’re following. Trying to fit into that dress you bought SPECIFICALLY for the event. And you can sense a chocolate binge coming on in 10..9…8.. Whoooaaaa… Before it hits you…
    Solution: Schedule it in. Put a date and time on it when you get yourself a bite (or three) of your preferred chocolate source and make a big deal about it. Like a cheat day party. If you’re watching your calories, you can preplan your meals to allow for the treat, otherwise, just pick a day and make sure you do eat nice and clean the rest of the day so you can be doubly proud when they wheel in your cocoa date for the night.

Again, just wiping it out of your diet might work temporarily. Which is great if you want to turn into the Chocolate tyrant in 48 hours. For those of you looking at a more Long Term solution, figure out the underlying beliefs and emotional issues and chocolate will never rule your life again. You’re in control now. Heck yeah!

Which of the craving types can you identify with?
What have you tried before? Did it work or Not?
Which craving busting strategy are you gonna apply to your chocolate-relationship? Cannot wait to hear about it in the comments below!

With ALL MY LOVE and chocolaty hugs,

Aakriti xoxo

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