Don’t Give Up

Its been a month since I wrote anything on here. The hope being that the internet and I have forgotten about the hardcore disappointment of

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Day 19: Snotty Girl!

One of the sexiest things that can happen when I wake up is have a stuffed up nose. The sensation of congested claustrophobia, the feeling of

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Day 18: Massage me!

I’ve got the warm, afternoon air surrounding me. Its a sultry Mumbai day, after all. The blinds are drawn, there’s no direct sunlight, but the

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I'm Aakriti,

Nice to meet you!

profile face 4

I’m a reformed emotional eater who went from Fat to Fit through Love! Woohoo!!

I am usually super excited and I spend my time, reading, working out, playing with dogs and eating chocolate.

Yoga and dance are fun too!

Here’s a big hug for visiting my site!

<3 xoxo