Category: Self Care

How to Turn Super Lonely Into Your Superpower

Being lonely sucks. Period. And you know what? Everyone feels lonely. That’s right, even lil miss perfect over there has had her bouts with loneliness sometime or the other… We’re on this huge planet of billions of people, sometimes complaining about how many people there are in our town or city or WORLD and yet …

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Productivity 101: Rabbit Hole Rescue

I’m literally shutting down Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, as I type because DAYUMMMM!! It’s hard to even talk about abstaining from social media! And I’m only talking about getting off the wheel TEMPORARILY. Do you feel pulled to it too? Maybe you want to start disconnecting in part, just a little bit, just for the …

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Caution: Roadblock Ahead!

Its my own fault. I had to go and jinx it, didn’t I? Even heroes can fall…. I have a whole set of backlogged drafts about days 20-30 or whatever. But I couldn’t honestly put them up. I can’t write and preach about how going vegan and vegetarian is so good for you when I …

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