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6 Tips to Kick Chocolate Cravings Forever!

Hey there Beautiful ones, (I know this post has taken forever to come out, my apologies, but lets not cry over spilt chocolate milk, because here we are!! All good things are worth the wait, no??) If you caught my last post about chocolate cravings and took it to heart, you’ve got some real deal answers …

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Day 8: A New Layer

Look at these beautiful colors!! Today marked the beginning of the second week of this challenge! Woohoo! I’ve been just so bad at rewarding myself in the past with progress. If it wasn’t an absolute, outstanding win, I would give my self no credit! No matter how hard I tried, I never won. Naturally, these …

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Day 4: Sunday Morning!!

“Sunday Morning, Rain is Falling.. Steal some cover, share some skin….” I’ve had this Maroon 5 song stuck in my head all day, today! After a restful and rejuvenating Saturday, I found a raring to go feeling for Sunday. Its a good thing there wasn’t a lot to do, though because the chilling bug was …

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