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6 Reasons Why Protein is Bae!

Hello my Dear Readers Firstly, reading is rare, so thank you for taking the time to read this, I highly appreciate you doing so! Next, totally random, but I wish you could hear me say the things I write, because I pretty much write like I speak (no filters) and I think I’m hilarious. I …

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Day 5: Diet on My Mind

Its a MONDAY! Happy Monday 🙂 Okay, I realize this is going up on a tuesday night, so just take the greeting in the spirit of things and don’t give me that pouty look. I can see you rolling your eyes at me. But, that’s okay 😛 I did a lot of running around today …

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Day 1: We have Lift Off!

Is it blast off or lift off? Either way, wrapping up day 1 was definitely interesting 🙂 I started off the day with making almond milk, and a lovely fruity-chia and oats pudding, lots of nutrition in there to start off the day. I did have a teeny-tiny cup of coffee, black and with palm …

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