When Chocolate Took Me Hostage!

Full disclosure: I love chocolate

If I could grow a tree that would give me a bar everyday, it would be my most prized possession. I want to say I would sell my house, but if this ever comes true I don’t want to be held accountable, so I’m just leaving it at “most prized possession!” Ahhhhh! Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! The world seems to love Chocolate. So luscious, so smooth! The gift of the Gods!! And you may be in my camp, the one that thinks chocolate is the shit. But for every person who thinks chocolate is the best thing to happen to mankind, there are those who call it “Meh. Whatever”. Ahem. Usually, the latter will never need to worry about chocolate cravings. Obviously if you’re still reading, you’re in the first camp. I welcome you!

Time to Ask for Help!

If you identify yourself as a chocolate lover, its possible the initial attraction towards its magnetic personality (Hey there, chocolate bar!) turned into a full-out, Fatal Attraction kind of stalker obsession over time (I need you. I must have you. You WILL BE MINE!!). Been there done that, ladies! And it’s time to get over it! First: Without getting too bio-nerd-esque on you, its not your fault. Like love, chocolate feels great because it affects our brains in a positive way (there is research to back this up). Those NOT affected by chocolate’s wily charms, though they may seem to be crazy, probably don’t eat enough to be seduced by it. Thanks to their predisposition to not eat any to begin with they are spared. And that is the ticket!

How do I stop it from taking over my life?

Lets get this out of the way : Cold turkey will not work. If you drop chocolate fully and completely oout of your life, it WILL NOT STICK!!! Okay, maybe it will. Let me rephrase. It will stick till you have oodles of willpower. But when you’re tapped out, you know what you’ll find? You. Nose deep in chocolate. Of all kinds. Yeah I know it happened the last time. Its okay, I got you. Because of the intense feel-good factor of chocolate, when we take it away all of a sudden, our bodies REVOLT and go on a choco-bender that leaves you feeling totally out of control and full of guilt. Whoops! Not only is it not the best feeling in the world :/ (understatement!!) it triggers a cravings cycle. First you find an almost heroic resolve to quit, find yourself exhausting willpower at a faster rate than before (no chocolate, no chocolate, no chocolate) and end up in an EVEN greater binge soonafter. Vicious cycle established.

The Solution?

This is the good part. We are going to try something new. Think of it as an experiment. I’m gonna need you to grab

  • 1 journal
  • 1 pen
  • 10 parts curiousity
  • 10 parts honesty and
  • 30 parts compassion.

Ready? Awesome.

Every time you have a craving, essentially your body is trying to tell you something. If you can unlock the secrets, well you might have a fighting chance to get the craving under control. If not, happy living under the thumb of chocolate (Dance monkey dance) You need to figure out “What is this craving about?”

But what do I DOOOOO about it?? Well, that’s coming up on the next post! For now, find all the possible answers to the “What’s my cravings about?” question and put it in the comments below.

What part of the cravings is most difficult? Have you worked on chocolate cravings before? What worked and didn’t? Share your story and you will be supported!

Stay tuned for the 6 tips on kicking chocolate cravings 🙂

Till then,

Peace and calm thoughts


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