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Hi! I’m Aakriti,

and I teach women how to create confidence, loving relationships and astounding health in their lives. There’s nothing serious happening here, so it’s all served with a generous helping of cursing and tomfoolery. Think of me as your Best Buddy who helps you fall deeply in LOVE with yourself and manifest some crazy shit in the bargain.

I usually am as happy as I am in this picture (with the blue hair!), but 10 years ago I was EXACTLY where you are:
Feeling like I wanted more money, more love and more satisfaction from my job, my life and my relationships.
I felt stuck in my own head, my fears, my perfectionism.
I felt crippled by my own mind, my overweight body, my loneliness and I was broke AF!
Everything seemed broken and I didn’t know where the fuck to even start!!!!


I’ve got you covered! I never want anyone to feel the hopelessness I felt back then. I’m here to help you up, lend a hand and to lead you through the step by step process of how I went from being broke, depressed and generally sucking to feeling:

alive AF,
awesome everyday,
totally confident in my skin,
blessed with a loving, soulmate relationship

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Happy Clients

I have finally found a clear path, which I’ve been struggling to find for almost a year now and it feels so comfortable and achievable…

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