Are You Ready For Your Warrior Awakening?

Become The Sovereign Of Your Spiritual Life

Discover the divine Support that allows you to be the badass that you are

your legions await

Your big goals and massive action drive you to create change and have meaningful impact.

You tell stories and open eyes.

You bring people radical transformation and instantaneous enlightenment and that makes your work the stuff of legends.


You are a Spiritual Warrior General. You head the Army of Cosmic Change.

And we need you to feel fucking strong and resourced at all times.

Armed & Armoured

It’s my honour to help you connect to your Legions of helpers in the Divine Realms. Here are three ways I support you in your journey.


Intensive workshops ensure you have the information you need right at the beginning to start feeling strong again, to begin the healing and replenishing your resources so that you are at your best and brightest right now. The workshops are the best place to start your journey towards your aligned mind, body, emotions and spirit. Click here to learn more.

Group Program

When you walk in this world, carrying the weight of systemic oppression and patriarchal bullshit on your shoulders and still somehow fight for its well being, you are a revolutionary. You striving to make a lasting impact and live your deep values, using your powers for good. Leaders like you create revolutions and we cannot afford for you to be silently bleeding in a ditch alone and in pain. The group program is the powerful sisterhood of support that blends the science of befriending and processing difficult emotions with the spiritual superpower of connecting with your divine helpers. A led adventure into embodying your warrior self. Together, we build an arsenal of resources for you to affect empowered change. Click here to learn more.

Goddess Initiation Sessions

The Goddesses are here and eager to provide you with the support and strength you crave. You only need to be able to access them at will. Through channeled wisdom and intuitive rituals you can get in tune with your very own Team of Goddesses who will help you unlock your creativity, turbo charge your manifestation and open the floodgates of cosmic love . The Goddess Initiation Sessions give you the ability to fight the good fight day by day and create the world you want to live in with ease. Click here to learn more.

I am Aakriti Kundu

I am an Energetic Alchemist and Goddess Oracle who channels Goddess guidance, inner healing and supportive wisdom.

I offer my clients potent and practical spiritual advice, alchemical wisdom and mind blowing trauma healing that releases you from intergenerational trauma and cuts out the bullshit that keeps you feeling fearful and playing small.

My mission is to get you in your body, work through trauma and rage and put you in direct connection with your veritable army of sacred, non-physical helpers . Yes, that includes the gaggle of Goddesses who cannot wait to work with you.

And I’m giddy AF to see what magic your future holds

Ways to Work Together

Move with your desires

Warrior Goddess Activated

Want to see how you can move with you own internal warrior? What your life looks with your desires fully met?