Exhausted trying to manifest through hustling?

Namaste and Welcome Sister Goddess! I am Aakriti Kundu.

I’m a Goddess Channel, High Priestess and Manifestation Coach who helps busy spiritual entrepreneurs, like you, tap into Divine Feminine Flow, overcome burnout and release the BS hustling mentality

So that you can be wildly abundant, live your purpose with pleasure and receive your manifestations quick & easy

How I help you thrive

I was the poster child for procrastinating perfectionist. Programmed heavily by the Toxic Masculine and society to try and fit in.

Until I was awakened by the Goddess!

When my Goddesses came to me, Divine Feminine Energy itself, they instructed me to release my perfectionism and bullshit excuses to let in abundance on all levels.

Now I help women all over the world tap into + reclaim their magical, pleasurable and abundant selves, who you might call your Higher Self.

Because She is the truest expression of Divinity on Earth and

You deserve to live and play as Her.
And here are a few ways to get started

Testimonials from Past Clients

  • Once I interviewed with this company, I knew it was the perfect fit for me. I wrote it down in my vision board and knew in my heart it was mine. I took Aakriti’s advice and released my control. I attended a job fair, which is totally out of my comfort zone and my element, that same day that I applied for my new job. I got a call the next day. Once I opened myself up to the possibilities, I was given what I wanted. I’m absolutely amazed. I also did the 2 cup manifestation for my job and will be doing that again!!

    Brittany, Colorado

  • She’s honest and I can tell her anything under the sun without feeling judged. it’s great to confide in your trainer and tick all the boxes needed for a person to get out their shell and shine. After Aakriti I’ve started listening to my body and needs first rather than keeping anyone before. I can finally see my body changing a little slow but I know it’s permanent

    Baani, Pune

  • I like working with Aakriti because it helped me clear my limiting beliefs. I also like that she helped me tap into more positivity and get clearer on my goals. Helping me deal with day to day mood really helped me get on a good path. Now I have more clarity in my goals, less attachment to my goals, an instinctive way to prevent myself from going down a spiral in my depression moments. My mindset did change massively and unexpectedly.

    Madhu, Muscat

  • Welp, my goal was to make 3333. After calculating what I made after a couple of checks, donations and tips, I’ve made around 15,000 after working with Aakriti to clear up some money mindset bullshit that was holding me back.

    Laney, Denver

  • After one hour session over the phone, she helped me release a major block that was preventing what I’m manifesting. Not only that but a major block that was preventing personal growth and moving forward in life. Are you having trouble in career? Finding that special someone? Aakriti got you. That’s why it’s important to work with a coach. Words cannot express how grateful to be working with this beautiful creature.


  • I did a goddess Initiation session with Aakriti last week. It was so amazing. It was totally awesome. I have no words to describe the feeling. I take my investments very seriously and I would totally recommend it. She helps you connect with your inner Goddess and she literally channels messages. And that was the coolest part for me. She was literally like, “Here is guidance for you in this area that you’re feeling stuck.” And it was super helpful.

    Alyssa Hammond

  • Whatever it is that you’re trying to manifest, Aakriti is your girl. This woman does some life changing work.

    Happy Client