Exhausted trying to manifest money & clients?

Namaste Welcome

Namaste Welcome

My name is Aakriti Kundu I’m a Goddess Channel, High Priestess and Manifestation Coach who helps busy spiritual entrepreneurs, like you, overcome burnout and hustling so that you can be wildly abundant with pleasure and ease.

How I help women kick ass

The Divine Feminine instructed me to release my perfectionism and bullshit excuses to let in abundance on all levels.

Now I help women all over the world tap into + reclaim their magical, pleasurable and abundant selves, who you might call your Higher Self.

Because She is the truest expression of Divinity on Earth and

You deserve to live and play as Her.
You can do it Now, here’s how…

Testimonials from Past Clients

  • Once I interviewed with this company, I knew it was the perfect fit for me. I wrote it down in my vision board and knew in my heart it was mine. I took Aakriti’s advice and released my control. I attended a job fair, which is totally out of my comfort zone and my element, that same day that I applied for my new job. I got a call the next day. Once I opened myself up to the possibilities, I was given what I wanted. I’m absolutely amazed. I also did the 2 cup manifestation for my job and will be doing that again!!


  • She’s honest and I can tell her anything under the sun without feeling judged. it’s great to confide in your trainer and tick all the bixes needed for a person to get out their shell and shine. Ater Aakriti I’ve started listening to my body and needs first rather than keeping anyone before. I can finally see my body changing a little slow but I know it’s permanent.


  • Huge mindset shift. It feels like I have a brighter and clearer path forward. I wasn’t sure why some things were triggering me and why I didn’t feel energized to step into my next level. And Aakriti’s meditation and guided visualization helped unlock the answers.