Private coaching Packages

For the spiritual entrepreneur who’s ready to kick butt and uplevel with ease and pleasure

You know you weren’t meant to work hard and die.
You want to LIVE on your terms.
Do business on your terms

Let me help you break through the crap that’s binding you


This high level package is FOR YOU if...

You are a  BUSINESS OWNER and you’re ALWAYS grinding whether its planning for your next LAUNCH or pumping out content for the gram & YouTube.

You always feel like you just need a little break off everything.

You’re STRUGGLING to get SALES despite following all of the strategies

You WORK SO HARD that ALL YOUR TIME is spent on your business and your RELATIONSHIPS ARE SUFFERING in the process.


You’re a working single mom trynna juggle work, kids, your business and your sanity

You’ve given up on being loved or supported by a fulfilling romantic relationship because you simply don’t have the time

You work a 9-5 and have a side hustle but it’s not growing as fast as you’d hoped

you wanna quit your mindnumbing job and do the things that truly light you up but don’t know how to keep it together anymore

You’re a content creator who’s always creating because you fear you have no control over your numbers, income and the related panic attacks

It's TIME to Break up

with impostor syndrome

with burnout

with not feeling good enough

with doomscrolling

with comparisonitis

with critical self talk


Have a greater impact through your unique talents...

Have time to nourish your friends and family...

Balance work, pleasure and connection with ease...

Unlock your true potential and tap into infinite intuition...

Make a fuck ton more money while working lesser...

Do only what you wanted to do and be more productive than ever before...

If you don't it ONLY gets worse

Warning: Major meltdowns, coming through!

You’re so good at what you do but if you don’t find your OWN WAY to balance all the things you do


I mean, you’re already feeling it, right?

The business that was supposed to bring freedom and joy is


And no matter how many business courses you take 

the YouTube searches about
self care
business tips

you always end up where you started

feeling overwhelmed

Trying to implement what they told you

Running around in circles

Tearing your hair out

Crying yourself to sleep

Feeling pretty shitty

Wondering why it works for EVERYBODY but YOU?!

Because that’s not how YOU were designed to do things

When you don't cultivate your own rules and do business your own way, this is where you find yourself:

with no time to spend with your friends and fam

without any kind of work life balance

having sleepless nights thinking of strategies and all the courses that are piling up

losing the will to live and wanting to murder the biz first. 

blaming your kids and your dog for your non existent love life

unconsciously broken up with self care and mental health cuz you put them off indefinitely

constantly losing sleep desperate for sales &  followers

If you just can’t figure out WHAT YOU’RE DOING WRONG…

Hi, I'm Aakriti

Hi, I'm Aakriti

And if you've read through till here, I know you are on the brink of taking this massive step into abundant manifestation, magic and having tons of fun in your business rather than letting al the nitty gritty shitty things bog you down!

What my past clients are saying

  • Once I interviewed with this company, I knew it was the perfect fit for me. I wrote it down in my vision board and knew in my heart it was mine. I took Aakriti’s advice and released my control. I attended a job fair, which is totally out of my comfort zone and my element, that same day that I applied for my new job. I got a call the next day. Once I opened myself up to the possibilities, I was given what I wanted. I’m absolutely amazed. I also did the 2 cup manifestation for my job and will be doing that again!!

    Brittany, Colorado

  • She’s honest and I can tell her anything under the sun without feeling judged. it’s great to confide in your trainer and tick all the boxes needed for a person to get out their shell and shine. After Aakriti I’ve started listening to my body and needs first rather than keeping anyone before. I can finally see my body changing a little slow but I know it’s permanent

    Baani, Pune

  • I like working with Aakriti because it helped me clear my limiting beliefs. I also like that she helped me tap into more positivity and get clearer on my goals. Helping me deal with day to day mood really helped me get on a good path. Now I have more clarity in my goals, less attachment to my goals, an instinctive way to prevent myself from going down a spiral in my depression moments. My mindset did change massively and unexpectedly.

    Madhu, Muscat

  • Welp, my goal was to make 3333. After calculating what I made after a couple of checks, donations and tips, I’ve made around 15,000 after working with Aakriti to clear up some money mindset bullshit that was holding me back.

    Laney, Denver

  • After one hour session over the phone, she helped me release a major block that was preventing what I’m manifesting. Not only that but a major block that was preventing personal growth and moving forward in life. Are you having trouble in career? Finding that special someone? Aakriti got you. That’s why it’s important to work with a coach. Words cannot express how grateful to be working with this beautiful creature.


  • I did a goddess Initiation session with Aakriti last week. It was so amazing. It was totally awesome. I have no words to describe the feeling. I take my investments very seriously and I would totally recommend it. She helps you connect with your inner Goddess and she literally channels messages. And that was the coolest part for me. She was literally like, “Here is guidance for you in this area that you’re feeling stuck.” And it was super helpful.

    Alyssa Hammond

  • Whatever it is that you’re trying to manifest, Aakriti is your girl. This woman does some life changing work.

    Happy Client

Lemme give you a framework of ease so that you can

make more sales and still have time for a freakin social life

find passion and excitement in your work

manifest deep love and soulmate relationships

feel powerful and invincible in your offerings

have more time to have fun and create

have fun in your business (and stop resenting it)


And you don’t deserve to be one of them.

You’re so passionate.

You’re so brave to have launched your business.

And you’re so freaking talented

It will be so SAD to let you quit on what you love…

I’m not gonna lie

Entrepreneurship can be very uncertain & lonely

But with the right guidance and support

With the power of the goddess behind you

and my expertise

You will see those external results

Say bye bye to those excessive stress levels,

Say hello to Balance
Consistent Income
And a business that grows rapidly 

Say Hello To Goddess Embodiment!

The investment to work with me in this deep container is

$9999 USD

Payment plans available