6 Killer Moves for Fabulous & Strong Arms

Lets get straight to business: Your arms are super important!

Most women (and some lucky dudes) come to me complaining about flabby, jiggly arms that they try their best to hide. Some even shake em in my face to prove their point. Ermmmm, number one stop that. I don’t mean get away from my face, though that would be nice too, just stop hating on your arms. Your body is not a custom-made pizza! You can’t just order for extra cheese and no olives. Your body is YOUR BODY. Be nice, Say hi.

If there are bits that don’t look their best, mayyyyyybe they are bits we need to work on. Yes “WE”, you didn’t think I was gonna let you do this alone, did you?

When was the last time you gave those olives a try? Actually olives taste really good, but this is making me hungry, so lets refocus. Lol!

Your arms do so much for you. From picking up your babies and groceries to feeding you, lifting, writing, hugs, you name it. Arms are important. I cannot even muster a smile when people joke about cutting off the fat from their bodies.
*robot voice* WARNING: sense of humor malfunction.

Say it with me- “I love my arms”. Actually,  I love my strong and super, duper toned arms.
From cant-exactly-do-one-pushup to sometimes ONLY doing pushups for my day’s workout, my relationship with my arms has evolved considerably. I am ALL ABOUT that strength and capability.
From being those giant, unsightly things that hung by my sides, they’ve become my prized helpers and generally the most complimented part of my body (and trust me, the competition is TOUGHHH))!

Woohoo for strength!!
Speaking of which….. The easiest ways to get those fabulous movie star arms are to work those bad boys. The superfast science version: the more you work the muscles underneath and the burn the fat on top, the more beautifully sculpted the arms will be.
Even if your arms look BEYOND help, never fear because even they can be rehabed by these awesome power moves I’ve got for you today!


Everybody’s Hero! This one is a life saver, via-healthmagwarm up and life raft for anyone who is just beginning their push up love affair. I jumped straight into full pushups when I first started, but I’m a little nuts and don’t expect you to be so loony. This one move can be modified in a bazillion ways to make sure you work ALL your arm and upper back muscles to eventually be able to do more advanced arm strengthening moves. If you cannot do any of the other moves just yet, stick to this one and patiently increase the intensity. I promise its worth it!


I love the plank so much I probably have to do a whole other post about it. For now all you need to know is that plank is amazing and needs to be done right for any of its benefits to reach your muscles. So set that timer to 20 seconds and hold your best plank ever. If you’re more of a bada$$ go for 60 seconds (or more). I will try to match the highest time you manage!! Challenge accepted!

Jesse said it! via bodybuilding.com


via Obino.com

I hate the concept of girl pushups. I mean, sexist much? So I call them knee pushups, as you can see they are done on the knees (the lady in red). This a great way to modify to make the full pushup more accessible while you’re starting out and aim to get stronger. Your body maybe strong enough to do 1-2 full pushups and you can do wayyyy more on the knees. But you will get stronger if you do AS MANY full pushups as you can first and then drop to the knees. Knee pushups are also a great way to work on more difficult hand placements (for that whole upper back targeting we spoke of before). Feel free to get creative on your knees!!! *wink wink*

via ahappylass.com


I present to you: Two ways to Dip.
It’s a little easier when you place hands and feet on the floor and you can use your legs and glutes to help the arms press the body up. BUT if you wanna make it harder, put the arms on a bench, chair, hard elevated surface for a moderate intensity. Or you can push the up button and dip straight down then come straight up with your body in a straight line from head to toes (INTENSE). 10-20 repetitions based on your fitness level and strength will start tightening up those sagging back of the arms that I mentioned before. You’re welcome!

via pinterest.com
via pinterest.com


Didn’t I say I was obsessed with PUSHUPS?
I didn’t? Well now you know. These guys are a lot less intense (so they act as a break in this circuit) but feel great in your upper back and lats (do you know what a lat is, btw?) These are great to rest the arms that would be tired from doing the previous moves while still moving, so don’t stop now! Bonus: Strong, sculpted shoulder muscles will add to that toned and chiseled upper body that happily burns off fat stores. Yeahhh!

TRICEP OBLIQUE PRESStricep-push-up_exercise

Also known as your love handles will die! While this move has a name that confused me the first time I heard it (the reason why I used the aka) the actual movement is simple. Lying sideways, press your body away from the floor. And feel your tricep and obliques WORK. I love-hate this move SO MUCH because its NOT easy you guys. But it feels SOOOO bloody good. And you get a bonus core workout. win-win!

So there you have it, 6 KILLER moves for your arms. Shoot for 10-15 repetitions of the pushups and the dips, 20 sec of plank and GOD help you in reaching 8-10 tricep presses on each side (though you MUST TRY!!)

If you feel SUPER duper, you can repeat the 6 moves another 2 times, after which if you can’t lift your arms or feel your fingers, congratulations! But in the spirit of being good to yourself be smart and listen to your body. Try not to have dead-arms by the end of it and make sure to stretch!

Alright, off you go. Give it a whirl and let me know how you went! Can you still type? Then leave a comment and if you LOVED it, share away, my dear friends!

As always, I send you positivity, strength and love,


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