6 Reasons Why Protein is Bae!

Hello my Dear Readers

Firstly, reading is rare, so thank you for taking the time to read this, I highly appreciate you doing so!

Next, totally random, but I wish you could hear me say the things I write, because I pretty much write like I speak (no filters) and I think I’m hilarious. I know how that sounds, keep reading, will ya? Who doesn’t want to be entertained while also learning something (old or new, don’t matter)?

And finally, lets get to the meat of the matter- my favourite: Protein.

If you’re thinking, “but WHY, Aakriti??? This protein shit has been done to death and I really don’t want to hear about how I’m not getting enough protein or whatever. If this is what you’re gonna talk about, I’m so done! Just tell me what to eat so I will be healthy and not fat” my answer to you is take a breath right now. And listen while I coach you a little bit!

Repetition is key. Repetition will win you the game.

There are times (like right now) where you will be presented with info that you “already know” but what’s different in every such circumstance is YOU. Your level of understanding has changed since the last time you read about protein (even if it was like 5 minutes ago). SOOOOOO give it a try, again? For me, please????

That’s more like it…

A beginners mindset keeps us glued firmly in the winner’s zone (more on this later)… For now, here is the highlight reel as far as protein is concerned. PResenting 6 reasons WHY Protein is the Legit Shi*

  • It’s the fundamental building block of all the skin, hair, muscles in your body. My 7th grade textbook says so, so its true and we aren’t going to argue this. Next!!
  • It keeps you fuller longer. Without going into too much detail, it’s all about that digestive process. Protein takes longer to digest so you wont get all hungry in a flash
  • Its ESSENTIAL for building muscle. Generally, the more muscle you got, the more cals you’re burning just to stay alive. Aka Metabolism boosted.
  • Protein is made up of smaller chemical structures(??) called amino acids. Some are synthesized in your body, some are not. The ones that aren’t, you gotta eat. If they were all made inside the body, we wouldn’t be going so apeshit over getting enough protein.
  • What is enough protein for you and your body depends on a number of factors: age, gender, activity level, goals, you name it. It’s good to know how much protein you “should” be eating but nothing to be anal about UNLESS you are competing/ building/ cutting like a PROFESSIONAL bodybuilder or physique competitor. Tell me if you are, btw.
  • Myth Busting: Plants have protein. Vegans also get adequate protein. You can (and do) get protein from a variety of sources. Nature is hella cool and made sure all food has a mixture of macronutrients. This is why MILK is naturally occurring (Milk has carbs, fats and protein), but WHEY which is mostly protein with a MUCH smaller percentage of carbs and fats is a manufactured/processed item. It has tobe removed from the REST of the milk. Getting me?

Vegan example: Beans have both carbs and protein. Are you happy now? Naturally occurring foods are very rarely made of ONLY one macronutrient. BTW, if you find naturally occurring food that’s JUST one, tell me about it. I just realized this is fascinating and deems more research!!!

Protein is literally as cool as a snow capped mountain. And maybe why you should start looking into getting the RIGHT amount of protein into your diet (for your body)…

I know that there are a lot of people talking about protein at the moment and you just need to look around to realize that our “Normal Diets” are so grain/carb-centric and skewed SO FAR OFF BALANCE that most people are barely making their minimum requirements for protein just to keep their bodies alive.

With no extra raw materials to build with, muscle growth is pushed to the very end of your body’s to do list, which is why you MUST balance your kickass workouts with a super awesome diet. Both together will give you the results you want- the slimmer waists, the shapely legs, the toned arms and all the ENERGY you need to get through the day while FEELING great.

Don’t know how to design a diet and workout plan that’ll kick it out of the park for you and make you feel like a superstar? I got your back.

I’m doing a bunch of free strategy sessions for ANYONE (men, women, horses, dogs, whoever) who wants to get a headstart on their NEW Year’s resolutions. Just click here and book a time to chat with me. No strings. No cost. All gainz!

Again, thank you so much for reading all this. Let me know what questions or doubts cam for you with a comment or write in to me at hello@aakritikundu.com. I’m a one-woman show so you know it’s gonna be me answering your emails. Lol!

You NEED to know I’m cheering you on your fitness journeys and thanks for being a part of mine! I’m right here for you… With only love and gratitude

Aakriti xoxo

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