About Me

Namaste beautiful! my name is Aakriti Kundu and I’m here to help you attract massive ease and abundance in your life and business without the hustle, the struggle and the overwhelm.

About Me

my origin story

I was raised by my hard working, Indian parents to be successful in a man’s world. Whatever they said, I did because I was a “good girl”
They told me to work hard and get good grades
so i did.

They said go to college, get a degree, get a job and work hard.
So I did

I was told “be no lesser than any man on the field”,
so I buried my womanliness even before my boobs came in
because the world saw FEMININITY as a handicap.

I covered it up so good that
I often forgot who I was. All while being taught to overwork, overgive and undervalue myself
To overcompensate for being a woman.
So I did

On the outside, I had a glamorous dance career, teaching hundreds of people daily, getting dolled up for shows and meeting famous stars and producers regularly

On the inside, I was BROKEN

I had no money. Like NONE!
I took money from my dad just to take the bus to work
I didn’t have the time to take a break that my body and mind desperately needed
I had no social life for five years
No lover, no dating prospects

I just worked and
cried myself to sleep every night
after eating my feelings

I lived on my parents’ couch and people made fun of me
for “Following my Bliss” with dancing rather than settling for a steady paycheck.
the hurtful comments sent me into panic attacks and fits of rage
I refused to go anywhere or meet anyone, preferring to stay tf at home,
alone and miserable.

I would experience at least one nervous breakdown a year and didn’t have the support system to take care of myself

I knew I was made for so much more!

I was curious and impatient.
I needed the answers but I was running around in circles for all my early 20’s

I was killing myself internally

With destructive beliefs like
Money is scarce and hard to come by.
You have to grind your butt for everything you want.
You’re not skinny enough and pretty enough to be successful

Through meditation, EFT and energy work I mastered manifestation but I didn’t feel like a success

I read all the self-help books

Invested tens of thousands of dollars on coaches and programs

Joined mentorships and masterminds

but nothing seemed to stick.

I made some progress but I still felt like a failure and a fraud

Taking two steps forward, one step back

starting again at square one

living on the “edge of a glorious transformation”

And I was exhausted of never getting it right

Until the day I had a vision

The Goddesses came to me in a meditative trance-dream.

They answered my questions in an instant
They gave me my mission, my purpose and reminded me
“it is all perfect and part of the plan”

It finally made sense!

Why I had to be born Indian and female
Why I had to go through the hardships and experiences I did
Why I was being summoned to work with them now
Why I had so many spiritual awakenings
Why I needed to be a coach


Before, I was insecure.
terrified of losing control.
I was my harshest critic
And I was never good enough

My life changed quick

Since that day I’ve

Manifested my rent free apartment

Released my procrastination and perfectionism

Learned to trust and let go (only the best comes my way now)

Discovered my voice and the courage to speak my unique message

Celebrated my highest income months

Had clients start pouring in

Vacationed by the beach every quarter

Learnt to enjoy abundance- of time, money and freedom

I want you to know that this is possible for you too

I just want to be REAL with you

I know how you're feeling

Exhausted from trying to keep everything functioning perfectly

Frustrated that work takes up all your time 

FOMO because of alll the fun activities with family and friends you have to sacrifice

Misunderstood because nobody gets your journey, your struggles and your big dreams 

Depleted because you put everyone else first and there’s  nobody to take care of you

Scared of tryna date again and never finding the RIGHT person

Pressured to keep producing, giving and showing up

Burnt tf out from the constant and endless hustle- seriously, where are those MFing clients?!

Ready to give up because it was supposed to be getting easier 

Insecure about your body and attracting love

Starved of pleasurable and mindblowing sex






Ahhhh! Sweet, Sweet Freedom

isn't that what you bust your ass for? 

It’s certainly what you deserve.

All that with a healthy serving of ease, flow and pleasure

My love,
You’re in the right place
You’re just one step away from unlocking and experiencing all those glorious fruits of your labour!


I’ve got you. I was you.

I know you can make it to the other side.
You want to put an end to it, don’t you?
Then come over and join me!

Together, we can craft your own, unique, magical energetic blend to

Cut out the constant struggle to keep your head above water

      Ditch the feelings of being stuck, lost, frustrated, and worthless

      Attract money, clients, and the freedom lifestyle you deserve with EASE   

      Enable you to enjoy time away from your business and work.

      Find your perfect person WHILE improving your overall family relationships.

There’s a whole new world emerging

The age of the Divine Feminine is here and I’m gonna show you around (+hook you up)

Working with me will help you:

      Book out your business without having to spend a ton of money on ads and other shit you hate doing

      Attract the ideal clients that you want to work with and who are dying to work with you

      Be able to relax and still experience abundance in your business & life

      Free yourself from those sneaky, pesky blocks preventing you from getting your much deserved success

You're a goddess and I salute you

Lemme congratulate you
You’re still fucking here, you’re still standing, you’re still fighting

That’s no little feat

That means you’re just like ME:

A fighter, a believer and a Goddess on the brink of unleashing untold magic into her life

Thank you for being here.

Thank you for doing what you do

I am only standing here with answers because you asked the questions, much like I did 3 years ago

It took me years to figure this shit out, but your answers are coming so much faster.
Your manifestations are ready for you now

You’re still here, you’re still vibin’, you know you want in on the juicy delicious Goddess magic.

Fuck the “hard work paradigm”, hello “juicy lifestyle”

I’m so excited for you, I’m literally SHAKING!

Let's do the MF thing