Hello there, Beautiful!

Don’t look away. I am talking to YOU. Yes you. BEAUTIFUL. Say it. SAY IT! Come on it’s not that bad. But I get it…it’s been awhile since you felt beautiful and much longer since you actually told yourself you were beautiful. You’ve been so busy judging all the jiggly and wobbly bits in the mirror that you forgot to notice how great you look, didn’t ya? Maybe you don’t feel that way right now. But keep reading. I promise, you will…

You’ve been thinking about your body and getting into shape lately

Or a while, years even. But with everything you know, that you’ve tried, and I know you’ve tried everything  – it just feels like a big stinkin’ pile of lies and BS that you don’t wanna go anywhere near!

Come on, Ladies! Raise your hand if you feel:​

  • Exhausted from all that running around!
  • Like your body could look so much better!
  • Frustrated by all the Fad diets that don’t work!
  • Overwhelmed with all the “Simple Tricks” you don’t have time for!
  • Like you could magically drop the weight, Finally!
  • Totally Gross!
  • Desperate to find a dress that fits!
  • Like you could punch your mirror right in the face!
  • Like checking what’s on Netflix right now (aka denial raising your hand for you)!
  • DOOMED!!!!!

Girl, I feel you!! Heck, I WAS you!

The struggle is real…


After trying all the crazy shit that’s floating around: the only lemonade diet, raw insects and frogs diet (ugh) and sweating your ass off in any and every cardio-this and pump-that class you can find, you are entitled to expect that “glorious freaking bod” you were promised.

But surprise-surprise it didn’t happen and you dove headfirst into your favourite donut (or 20), ONLY TO BE JUDGED AND SHAMED by people who JUST DON’T GET IT!!

You’re mad now. Furious. No wonder you drown your sorrows in chocolate cake because cake, unlike people truly understands. And CAKE doesn’t judge.

If reading that made you gag and want to invite the gang (cake, pizza and your other best friends) for some quality time

DON’T. DO. IT!! Just read on

Hi, I’m Aakriti Kundu!

a teacher of Yoga, healthy living and general tomfoolery. I’m also your best buddy and Body Love coach. And obviously I’m telepathic!

Nahhh … just kidding! Though I HAVE been in your shoes. (I talk about it in my newsletter all the time)


For YEARS I struggled with weight on my body and shame on my mind. I never looked as good outside as I wanted to feel inside and I NEVER got to wear the cute clothes that made me feel pretty because it was a little too tight here and too snug there. And don’t even GET ME STARTED ON BELLY TIRES and MUFFIN TOPS!! Aaaaaaa… Before the flashback begins, let’s get more intimate, shall we?

Growing up as the fat kid in my class I spent most of my time with my nose in a book, and even though I loved sports and spent HOURS training, swimming and dancing, the baby fat stayed on me for 20 something years. I was pissed off because I was the FAT DANCER in a professional company and I desperately needed to get skinny so I wouldn’t hurt myself on the job. I tried out so many diets on my body- low carb, low-fat, high protein, sugar-free, only coffee, way-too-much-water (the WORKS!) and all kinds of exercise regimes; working myself into the ground and having no energy after dancing for 6-8 hours daily.

Surprise, it didn’t work.

Unless you call being tired, irritable and cranky working … I did not feel good, my immunity sucked, and I was more angry at my body than ever before. Add to this being painfully single, surrounded by skinny dancer bodies and an overwhelming need for “them to like me”. I was a mess. Until I ditched the gimmicks and went straight to the root of it.

Everything changed when I started to love my body!!

Not only did I drop the excess flab, I gained a buttload of confidence, compassion and strength. Pretty good deal huh? And that’s what I want for you. We are best buds after all, I only want what’s best for you! I know it can get really overwhelming these days with everyone and their mom telling you what to do to look after your “Weight Problem” (blurgh). Even socially acceptable skinny girls think they need to lose weight and that’s how you know we’re in the middle of an EPIDEMIC!! 

BODY SHAMING AND STARVATION are on the rise and you don’t have to be a victim for another second!!!

I know you’re praying real hard for that missing piece, some sane way to put an end to the madness. And those prayers are answered. FINALLY.

Enough is enough! You want to put an end to it, don’t you?

This is where we jump in together and you emerge as your beautiful, confident, hella-fine self!! Together we can 

Cut out constant struggling.
Ditch the judgement.
Trash the scale.
Death to dumbass diets.
Stop self starvation (and other craziness).

I promise, there’s a whole new world and I’m going to show you. It gets even better…
Working with me you’ll get to:

  • Count blessings not calories
  • Love your lusciousness, curves and all
  • Feed yourself REAL FOOD
  • Wear whatever the hell you want
  • Dance the night away and shake what yo mamma gave ya
  • Feel like HOT STUFF – think Halle-Berry-in-a-catsuit-smoking level of HOT

(HINT: this has NOTHING to do with your body shape, weight or metrics)

What do you say, sister? Shall we dance?

Because I love you and you are so worth it 🙂
Join the Goddess Squad! And if you haven’t already, get your free Ebook as a thank you for reading all this way and letting me into your life! I appreciate it more than you know!

Happy Clients

I have finally found a clear path, which I’ve been struggling to find for almost a year now and it feels so comfortable and achievable…

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