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Goddess Initiation


it’s my honour to facilitate

your Warrior awakening

These divine cosmic mother figures are exceptionally healing and can result in an instantaneous release of deep seated guilt, shame, and resentment. Resulting in greater connection to your femininity, deeper intuition, thriving in your body and letting go of the hustle and grind culture.

This program does not require any prior knowledge of the goddesses.

Beginners are welcome.

It does require however, that you have a deep curiosity and a desire to cultivate these relationships with the Divine Feminine mother goddesses.

Deities can be fickle and this is not a magic pill.

This program will help to increase the speed at which you manifest, it will help you realize your desires of slowing down and savouring.

It will help you embody emotions like fulfillment and sensuality, and peace and freedom and passion.Joy, ecstasy, receiving. It will help you receive, a lot.

But it requires a certain amount of devotion of time of practice.

This is a two way street.

The goddesses want to be invited to help us. They also need you to recognize their power and their importance.

In our journey over these 8 weeks, we are going to learn about each of these goddesses and experience invoking the goddess with rituals and practices for every single one.

Become a vessel for invoking the potent energy Of

Divine Bad-ass Goddesses

Through exploring the energies of Maa Durga, Kali, Lakshmi and Saraswati you and your Sisterhood will learn:

  • Who these goddesses are
  • What they represent
  • What areas of your life they govern
  • Where you can ask them for assistance and help
  • How to invoke them
  • What kind of rituals, or practices, would be best to offer your devotion
  • How to receive their guidance and wisdom