Where Have I Been? A Recap of 2017

Hello My Dear Friends

I’ve been gone from this platform for so long, it almost feels like I don’t even know how to write/type/speak anymore. I mean, that’s not true, but still. It feels strange to be sitting here and type these words that I’ve been struggling to write for the past, I don’t know 5, 6, 9, 11, so many months now…

Big Breath in. And out.

We are here now. I have a delicious Tibetan meditation track playing in the background, really setting the mood for some open hearted conversation. Trust me, when I say I have not only missed you, but like a shy lover, I’ve been scared of telling you I missed you. What if you took my words the wrong way? What if you misunderstood? I’ve spoken these words and written this message a thousand times in my head and I’m truly sorry to have disappeared on you like that. #noghosting

The recap:

I’ll give you the short and sweet version here because it’s been close to a year since we last spoke (yikes!!) and a LOT can (and did) happen in that much time… Here goes

  1. I moved to a new, smaller, quieter city
  2. I got swept up into fitness and the #gymlife
  3. I let go of yoga almost completely
  4. Life was good on all levels
  5. Then Life was not so good (I was frustrated)
  6. The universe dealt its hand- Topsy turvy time
  7. Paradigms shifted, breakups happened
  8. I was called back to yoga
  9. I made some new friends
  10. I let go of a WHOLE load of friends
  11. I am being called even deeper into my work
  12. Aesthetic bodybuilding has my heart
  13. I’m finding my way back
  14. I started dancing again. Mildly. And on the pole.
  15. I swam. After a very long time.
  16. My heart was broken. Broken OPEN. And even though it still hurts every now and then, I can now breathe in ways I had forgotten I needed to before.
  17. I turned vegan
  18. I put on a shit ton of muscle. Hell to the yeahhhh…
  19. I still don’t know what I’m doing… *shrugs*
  20. Lol. I just wanted to round off this list. So we’ll pretend this point is how much I still enjoy sitcoms. Hahaha…

*back to whispers and serious, yogi voice*
So much learning, all internal, on the outside things seem the same. But NOTHING is the same!!!!

And if you’re wondering what that means for this blog, well Gosh darnit if I knew!

If you have suggestions or questions, of course send them to me, I’ve been waiting for them!!!!

Keep it real, shine bright, be amazing.
Did I mention I missed you?
With all my love,
Aakriti xo

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