Goddess Initiation Sessions

These 75 minute sessions are designed to help you get in touch with a Divine Goddess to offer the exact and specific help you need in this moment. Think of it as a Divine pick me up that gets the ball rolling on any aspect of your life that’s stagnant, that’s lost its spark or feels like a huge energy suck.

When you feel overwhelmed, your energy feels like its getting pulled into this giant vortex of dread and drudgery. This affects everything from your money to your love life, let alone the fact that you also feel uninspired, stuck in a rut or caged in many ways.

Your Goddesses are here to help

Goddess Initiation Sessions are like an Energetic Cleanse for your life. With the help of the Fierce Being who needs you to let her in the most and through a series of personalized rituals and practices to access Her at will, you can leave all that gunk behind.

These sessions are powerful and revolutionary. You don’t need to have any experience working with Goddesses before, they’re perfect for an ansolute beginner. All you need is openness and curiosity. And a will to move the shit out of the way so you can do even bigger things (or rest even more, both are signs of success).

This is not a practise to convert anyone, the Goddesses work with you and on your behalf irrespective of your religious beliefs. They are an addition to whatever you believe in. Give them the invitation, let the Goddess in because she comes armed infinite resources that are rightfully yours.



I like working with Aakriti because it helped me clear my limiting beliefs. I also like that she helped me tap into more positivity and get clearer on my goals. Helping me deal with day to day mood really helped me get on a good path. Now I have more clarity in my goals, less attachment to my goals, an instinctive way to prevent myself from going down a spiral in my depression moments. My mindset did change massively and unexpectedly.

Madhu, Muscat

My goal was to make $3333. After calculating what I made after a couple of checks, donations and tips, I’ve made around 15,000 after working with Aakriti to clear up some money mindset bullshit that was holding me back.

Laney, Colorado

I did a goddess Initiation session with Aakriti last week. It was so amazing. It was totally awesome. I have no words to describe the feeling. I take my investments very seriously and I would totally recommend it. She helps you connect with your inner Goddess and she literally channels messages. And that was the coolest part for me. She was literally like, “Here is guidance for you in this area that you’re feeling stuck.” And it was super helpful.

Alyssa, California