How to Turn Super Lonely Into Your Superpower

Being lonely sucks. Period.

And you know what? Everyone feels lonely. That’s right, even lil miss perfect over there has had her bouts with loneliness sometime or the other…

We’re on this huge planet of billions of people, sometimes complaining about how many people there are in our town or city or WORLD and yet most of us suffer from feeling total, crippling, heartwrenching loneliness! It doesn’t help that its a self fulfilling prophecy- the more lonely you feel, the more like a loner you behave and the less people you meet, the less people want to meet you and therefore you feel more lonely so on, in a cycle until eternity… Wow.. I wish I had money in the ample amounts that I have loneliness… I would be very rich and very lonely… But what totally defeats the purpose, right, Uncle Scrooge?

Sure he looks happy here, but what do you know, you cartoon duck?

When it takes over, it feels like a giant blanket that’s softly lulling you into a heavy, dark, drowsy sleep till you realize this aint what you ordered. THEN, when you start to kick and scream to get out of it, the blanket tightens and threatens to cut off your air supply. It’s ummmm uncomfortable, to say the least. But you’re pretty much helpless so what’s the point of trying to fight it off… It’s just easier, more acceptable to stay in that scary place, quietly. Afraid of the grip of death, of that choking feeling, choosing instead to suffer in silence…

I think when I feel lonely (and sorry for myself) I just want to throw a party… A party for one… A pity party (see what I did there? Sigh)… I also think that when I’m in this place of awkward, painful yuckiness I give off a smell or something because literally EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE around me will DISAPPEAR!!!

Plans are cancelled, emergencies happen, cars will breakdown, people will fall sick. And where am I? Stuck in that endless loop of suck with no hope of breaking through… Full disclosure, I’ve also cancelled plans that I was really looking forward to because I’ve got that frickin’ raincloud on my head that’s dampening any and everything and so my enthusiasm has taken a giant nosedive.

Actual footage of me crying because I have no friends.

And while you may curse at the loneliness that drives you to drink, smoke, eat and numb yourself out in various ways, it might be just the thing you need to come out of the cocoon like a gorgeous, motherbleeping butterfly!

What? How? Prove it!!

How do you get your loneliness to fuel your desire to be a better, more valuable person with awesomeness dripping off your fingertips? The answer lies in purposeful solitude. Solitude is like a retreat. It’s taking a break from your “normal” (even if your normal is being all alone anyway). Lets not confuse the two, though. Solitude is refreshing, it’s strengthening, it’s sooooo worthwhile. While loneliness is mostly a black hole. And while almost everyone has been lonely at some point or another, purposeful solitude is a cherished state of being only enjoyed by a few. And I mean VERY FEW!!

Solitude does not necessarily mean you break the bank on an exotic vacation, though the change in scenery and getting out of the “familiarity” of your surroundings does help massively.

Pocket friendly Solitude could be a staycation with the sole purpose of reinvention. Hell, you could even go to your job on the daily, do your daily TV show marathon and cultivate merely an hour or so to devote to solitude and it would still work.

Solitude here means a state of being where you put yourself first.

Where you care more about yourself, what you say to yourself and what you think about yourself than ANYTHING else.

It’s how the Universe (or God/Creation/ the Creator/ Source/ Self whatever you wanna call it) looks at you. It’s being in Love with yourself and showing Love TO yourself.

Not sure how to magnificently turn your loneliness into LOVEliness?
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Side effects include upgrading your life to bitchin’ and being the object of envy of others. Plus nobody can take away that feeling of high you’ll have after… #promise

With all my love
Aakriti xo

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