Testimonials From Happy Clients!

I’ve worked with Aakriti for a few months and over our coaching sessions, I've seen tremendous changes.From feeling helpless, lonely, fat and sad I started to feel full of love, empowered and in control of my life and my body. I feel much more relaxed about it and much more inclined towards regularly working out than I used to before my sessions with her. I can definitely see the small changes and I know I have the strength and power and love to turn them over into the big changes. Moreover, I have stopped hating my body and myself for what it is. Instead, I can see both my body and myself as something tremendously beautiful!

Pranita, Mumbai

Her approach is very kind and she’s welcoming. It was like talking to a friend. After working with her I instantly felt lighter and happier. I was in sync with my work, not as anxious or overwhelmed which I was feeling before. I started to look at problems, issues and limiting beliefs in a different way. It made be realise, how my thoughts were shaping my present and Aakriti guided me to serve my goals better.

Sharayu, Pune

She is hard core and means business! Love her attitude! You can be rest assured that she’s going to help you achieve your goals and make you work for it too. If you’re determined to work hard, she will get you there! In the two months I trained with her I saw a lot of improvement in my strength and agility. She pushed me to do better every time and stretched my limits! She’s definitely tough but just the perfect amount!

Urvashi, Pune

I have finally found a clear path, which I’ve been struggling to find for almost a year now and it feels so comfortable and achievable. Our conversations helped me face a few fears about my perception (which I am currently working on). I am super motivated to turn my life around, be extremely focused and goal oriented. I am happy about it. Thank you so much, Aakriti, for being not only my life coach but also my friend and helping me and supporting me for the months I’ve doubted myself.

Sujoyee, New York City

Working out with Aakriti made me a happier person! I could channelise my energies into something so positive and beautiful!!I LOVED her energy! She kept me motivated and excited about each workout. She’s a superstar and an amazing trainer. I really enjoyed my time with her and miss it terribly!

Roshni, Mumbai

Aakriti is intuitive and understands the pain points very well. She gives you enough quality time and does not rush through the sessions. The actionable are very practical and achievable. One of the biggest positives of working with Aakriti is that she makes you fall in love with yourself. She instills this feeling that it is okay not to be perfect and you are awesome as you are. It gives you the strength to overcome any thing that is bothering and motivates you to do things that brings you the most happiness.

Chandni, Pune

Aakriti has great knowledge in fitness and nutrition. Makes you self dependent. I felt a lot more energetic and enjoyed my workout like never before. I had an amazing transformation of body in very short time.

Nisha, Pune

Very well versed with her content and knowledge about the topic. I do try and follow her tips even now,like add nutrients to your meal. After 4 sessions with Aakriti, I did try and understand the concept of emotional eating and I do make efforts to have a balanced meals.

Tanya, Mumbai

This experience made me focus on why I was unwilling to do certain things rather than on doing them which eventually helped me to get motivated to do them! Her approach of really getting to the root level was great 😀 Thanks Aakriti!

Parinita, Mumbai

She’s passionate about fitness both physical and mental and is understanding and flexible to work with. It’s lovely to have her intuitive support during my journey towards a changing mindset .

Aruna, Pune

My session with Aakriti was well structured. She asked me apt questions to understand my situation better. Once we completely caught hold of the situation we worked on the solutions. Keep up the good work Aakriti!!!

Poorti, Delhi

Happy Clients

I have finally found a clear path, which I’ve been struggling to find for almost a year now and it feels so comfortable and achievable…

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