Root Chakra Rager

3 JAN 2024

A 60 minute workshop to rage through various root chakra activation exercises designed to charge up your chakra activation journey. The root or base chakra is the first chakra in the 7 chakra system and represents the part of the system that holds on to fear and trauma. This is the perfect workshop to learn practical ways to start clearing and balancing your energetic body for exponential up-leveling. 7pm EST

Redefine Success

5 JAN 2024

Driven by success… into madness? This workshop helps you to unhook perfectionism and archaic metrics of success from what provides you true satisfaction. Learn how to define your own, new metrics of success to align your life with your deepest values and immerse yourself in the sacred feminine paradigms of success. 7pm EST

Nervous System Regulation

6 JAN 2024

This workshop is designed to help you create your personalised set of nervous system regulation exercises to help increase your resiliency and tolerance. Working through trauma needs a high level of tolerance that we will explore together and benefit from the science backed research around polyvagal theory mixed with ancient yogic practises. 7pm EST

Embodied Release

7 JAN 2024

Moving your body is an integral part of building your warrior resiliency while boosting emotional health and releasing pent up frustration. In this movement therapy based workshop, you will embody different emotional states and find healthy ways of expressing them on your journey towards your inner warrior awakening. Let’s rage together! 7pm EST